2017- 2018

250 sqm

southern israel


Luxury Penthouse





This project included the redesign of a 250 square meter Penthouse overlooking the Negev desert in the southern part of Israel. It occupies the top floor of a luxury residential tower. The owners have great love for Israel, mainly for the Negev desert. The original interior was totally destroyed and the project started nearly from scratch with just the outer walls to work with.


The internal divisions were planned by Moran Gozali according the needs of the owners, who wanted a spacious apartment where the family can stay. The planning took about four months; while the actual work required an additional seven months. The project was inspired by the owner's strong wish to hold on to the desert location context. The leading concept here was the way desert temperatures change throughout the day- from hot to cold night.

"First when I visited the location, I was fascinated about the transformation between hot days to cold nights. Its influencing me, not only the temperatures, also the feelings in the space from pleasant atmosphere to silence" recalls Gozali.

From the challenge came the idea to create a modern home which creates a connection between materials emanating warmness, softness and elegance on the one hand, reminding the desert sand, and colder materials offering the sense of dark blue skies on silent desert nights, on the other. The merging of the desert landscape and the designed product imbues the harmonized apartment with natural materials and connections – wood, concrete, natural stone and metal.