300 sqm



Between the Mountains



A duplex house in a prestigious Jerusalem project, situated on a mountainside overlooking picturesque mountainous views. The house, 300 sq.m in size, was bought by a well-known public figure, whose lifestyle and functional needs were taken into account, forming the personalized floor plan for this home. The family includes a 50+ couple with their three adolescent sons. 

Interior designer Moran Gozali was handpicked to turn this house into their dream home, her expertise in planning, overseeing and attention to detail with her bespoke design flare, was a perfect match for this family. The interior of the apartment was demolished in order to create an shell which then could take shape through restructuring and rennovation. The planning took about  4 months, and the actual work required 14 months.

 The impressive entrance is through the first floor, where a 30 sq.m lobby has been planned as a hosting space in which business meetings may be held without disturbing the rest of the family. The entrance floor also has a library,office area, kitchenette and toilets making it  fully equipt for  intimate hosting and work space.

When ascending the stairs, one cannot miss the house’s impressive monument – a floor-to-ceiling brass partition created by Moran Gozali. Each wall and element in the apartment is a result of tailor-made planning and construction with much attention to detail, quite like a well made suit.

The unique and stunning partition element,which also acts as a kind of library, was put together without welding. That’s also true of the hand rail which speaks the same design language. This multifunctional partition also separates the stairs from the nearby corridor, and provides both camouflage and intimacy. The way the partition is divided allows natural light to create various and constantly changing light/shade effects throughout the day and night. This element separates the rest of the apartment, and provides intimacy between its various spaces.